Bradley "Brad" Willis was a character in Neighbours
Naybers brad 2014

Brad Willis in 2014.

who was first seen in 1989 briefly followed by a more permanent return in 1991 when he moved in with his family to No 26 Ramsay Street. He first appeared in Episode 1082 - 31 October 1989. He made a full time return in 1990 with his family, father Doug Willis, mother Pam Willis and siblings Adam Willis, Gaby Willis and Cody Willis. Brad was the first member of the Willis family to appear in the show. Brad returned in Episode 6646 - 20 May 2013 and made his final appearance in Episode 7575 - 7 April 2017. From 2013 to 2017 he was played by Kip Gamblin, having previously been played by Benjamin Mitchell in 1989 and Scott Michaelson from 1990 to 1993.


Bradley Willis was born in August 1971, the second youngest child of Doug Willis and Pam Willis. Brad's younger sibling Cody Willis was born in 1975.


Brad first arrived in Erinsborough in October 1989 and began dating Sharon Davies. He moved to America for a while to attend a basketball scholarship. In 1990, when Brad was still in America, his family bar sister Gaby moved into No 28 Ramsay Street in Erinsborough. In 1991 he was flying en route to Australia via Asia and ended up being wrongly accused of drug smuggling.


Brad returned to Erinsborough in 1991 with his sis
Naybers brad willis

Brad Willis in the 1990s.

ter Gaby Willis after their parents helped bail him out of the Asian jail. He moved back in with his parents at No 28 Ramsay Street. Brad began dating Beth Brennan. In September 1993, Brad had a fling with Lauren Carpenter and got her pregnant. In December 1993, Brad and Beth married before they went to Perth. Brad never knew he was to be a father to Lauren's child.

In March 1994, a pregnant Lauren left to start a new job in Queensland. She was pregnant with Brad's child. At the same time, Brad had impregnated his new wife Beth.

1994-2013 Living away from Ramsay StreetEdit

Brad and Beth had a son Ned Willis in 1994. Brad never knew that in June 1994, he had a daughter as Lauren Carpenter gave birth to a baby girl Paige Carpenter who was adopted by John Smith and Mary Smith.

In 1995, Brad started dating Terese Petrides while still married to Beth. Brad and Beth divorced that year and he then married Terese and they had twin children Joshua Willis and Imogen Willis in 1996 and Piper Willis in 1999.


After 19 years, in May 2013, Brad returned to Ramsay Street with Terese and their 2 children Josh and Imogen. At the same time Lauren Turner nee Carpenter and her family moved back to Ramsay Street. It was soon revealed that Lauren was pregnant when she first left Erinsborough in early 1994 and had given up the baby for adoption. The daughter later tracked down her real parents to Ramsay Street. She called herself Paige Novak. Paige stayed at Lassiters but later moved in with Mark Brennan. Paige later revealed her true identity and a DNA test confirmed she was Brad and Lauren's daughter. Brad began to spend more time with Lauren and Paige, making Terese jealous. This lead to several rows. Terese even took a sneak peek at Lauren's diary which said that what could have happened if her and Brad has stayed together. Brad attened the funeral of neighbour Matt Turner.

Brad became a grandfather in October 2015 when Josh and Amber had a girl Matilda Turner. Brad was still involved in his love triangle with Terese and Lauren. Brad and Terese later split.

In April 2016, an explosion ripped through Lassiters and Brad and Terese lost their son Josh.

In April 2017, after weeks of contemplation, Brad and Lauren decided to leave Erinsborough for the Gold Coast.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 24th August 1971

Full Name: Bradley Willis


Father Doug Willis

Mother Pam Willis

Siblings Adam Willis, John Willis, (deceased) Gaby Willis, Cody Willis

Grandfathers Bert Willis, Seamus Beresford

Grandmothers Mrs Willis, Moina Beresford

Aunt Faye Hudson

CousinCameron Hudson

Great Grandfathers Zachary Willis

Spouse Terese Willis (c1995-2016), Lauren Turner (2016-)

Children Paige Novak, Ned Willis (both 1994), Imogen Willis, Joshua Willis (both 1996), Piper Willis (1998)

Grandchildren: Matilda TurnerGabriel Smith

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