Anne Robinson was an unseen character
Naybers anne robbie

Anne Robinson's grave.

in Neighbours who was the late wife of Jim Robinson and mother to Paul Robinson, Julie Martin, Scott Robinson and Lucy Robinson. While giving birth to Lucy in 1973, Anne died due to childbirth complications.



Anne Daniels was born on the 16th October 1940 in Erinsborough to Bill Daniels and Helen Daniels and went to school with Max Ramsay and Jim Robinson. Anne started romancing Jim in 1956 when they were both 16 but her mother Helen Daniels did not allow them to marry until they were a few years older. Anne married Jim in about 1962 and they had their first son Paul Robinson in 1963. Shortly after paul was born, Ann was raped by her husbands boss Roger Bannon. A daughter, Julie was born in 1964. Jim agreed to bring the baby up as his, but as she was not his blood daughter, she could not claim enything in his will. Julie was not to know the truth for years.

In 1968, Anne and Jim had a son Scott James Robinson. Shorlty after, Jim was called up for service in Vietnam. When Jim was away and Anne was back in Erinsborough, both of them strayed from each other, Jim had a one night stand with Maureen Donnelly And Anne had a brief affair with her neighbour Max Ramsay, who was Jim's best friend. In about 1970, Anne had a daughter who was adopted out. Jim returned from Vietnam shortly after and never knew that Anne had mothered a child while he was away, and Anne never knew Jim had fathered a child while in Vietnam. Oh dear.

In 1973, Anne was pregnant again. She gave birth to Lucy Robinson in August 1973 but died in childbirth. This left Jim and Helen to bring up Paul, Julie, Scott and baby Lucy.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 16 October 1943 (later given as 1940)

Died: 1975 (;;later stated as 1973)

Full Name: Anne Robinson (Nee Daniels)

Anne Robinson (nee Daniels) was born in 1943 (later stated as 1940). Seeing as Jim Robinson was born in 1940, and him and Anne were the same age, 1940 is her most likely birth date.


Father Bill Daniels

Mother Helen Daniels

Siblings Rosemary Daniels (adoptive)

Grandfathers Mr Simpson

Grandmothers Gloria Simpson

Spouse Jim Robinson (1962-1973)

Children Paul Robinson (1963), Julie Martin (nee Robinson) (1964), Scott Robinson (1968), Jill Ramsay (c1970), Lucy Robinson (1973)

Grandchildren David TanakaLeo Tanaka, Hannah MartinAmy Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Robert RobinsonCameron Robinson, Elle Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Madison Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay

Aunts/Uncles Laura Dennison (nee Simpson)

First cousins Nikki Dennison

First cousins once removed Michael Daniels, Thelma Duncan

Second cousins Wayne Duncan, Troy Duncan