Anna Rossi was a minor character in Neighbour
Naybers anna 1985

Anna Rossi.

s in 1985. She was the sister of Maria Ramsay. Anna was played by Roslyn Gentle.



Anna Rossi was born in Italy to Franco Rossi and Anna Rossi Snr. Anna had a sister Maria Rossi. In the early 1960s the family emigrated to Erinsborough, Victoria, Australia.


Anna Rossi dated Jim Robinson, much to the disdain of his daughter Julie Robinson. In the end she left him to return to Queensland as she felt she was interfering too much in Jim's relationship with his daughter.


Father Franco Rossi

Mother Anna Rossi Snr

Siblings Maria Ramsay

Spouse Gino

Nephews/Nieces Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay



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