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Ajay Kapoor.

Ajay Kapoor [1] was a character in Neighbours who first made his on-screen appearance in Episode 6203 - 13 Jul 2011. He is a lawyer and councillor who was the husband of the late Priya Kapoor (played by Menik Gooneratne) and they had a daughter Rani Kapoor at No 24 Ramsay Street. He left in 2013 after the death of his wife. He was played by Sachin Joab. In the series a popular storyline was his clashing's with regular Paul Robinson. As the new Kapoor family, the character was the first in the series of Indian Sri Lankan heritage, and despite some criticism of people not used to a non Anglo Saxon cast, reviews where generally in favour and the character ended up becoming extremely popular having originally been cast for a 1 month span, Ajay was added as a long term character, remaining in the show for the next 3 years



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Spouse Priya Gupta (1997-2013)

Children Rani Kapoor (1997)

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