Naybers stonie

Stonefish Rebecchi.

Kevin "Stonefish" Rebecchi was a character in Neigbours from Episode 2119 - 31 March 1994 to 1996 followed by appearances in 2003, 2007, 2015 and 2017, last appearing in Episode 7511 - 9 January 2017. He iss the older brother of Toadfish Rebecchi (Jarod Rebecchi). Stonie was played by Anthony Engelman.



Kevin Rebecchi was born in 1974 to Kevin Rebecchi and Angie Rebecchi.


2003, 2007Edit

2015, 2017Edit

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FatherKevin Rebecchi

Mother Angie Rebecchi

SiblingsShane RebecchiToadfish Rebecchi (Jarod Rebecchi)

Aunts Coral ReevesJanelle Timmins

CousinsGemma ReevesTad Reeves (Wayne Reeves) (adopted) Brandon TimminsDwayne TimminsDylan TimminsStingray TimminsJanae TimminsAnne BaxterBree Timmins (adopted)

NiecesNell RebecchiYashvi RebecchiKirsha Rebecchi

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